ODOT Employee Stops Wrong-Way Driver

An Accident Waiting To Happen

As we have highlighted in the past, wrong-way accidents have become a tragic trend in the Toledo area. With multiple wrong-way accidents occurring in 2012, we had hoped that 2013 would prove to be a better year. We can thank George Seambos for helping to keep the peace on our roadways this year.

An ODOT employee, Seambos not only kept the roads cleared from snow but also from wrong-way drivers. He was driving in his snow plow truck when he noticed headlights coming towards him. Acting quickly, Seambos turned on his flashers and pulled his truck sideways. Blocking the oncoming traffic, he kept unsuspecting drivers safe from the wrong-way driver.

Seambos called 911 and caught up with the wrong-way driver at a nearby exit. Taking matters into his own hands, Seambos once again parked his truck sideways, hopped out, and took away the driver’s keys. Police then showed up and arrested the driver for driving under the influence.

Wrong-Way Accidents In Our Area

If Seambos hadn’t been on the highway at the right time, there is no way of knowing what tragedy might have come from this wrong-way driver. We can all be grateful for this ODOT employee’s hero-like qualities. But, what will happen next time when he isn’t there to save the day?

Our office has dealt with accidents of this nature. They bring some of the worst injuries as wrong-way cars usually collide head-on at high speeds.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a wrong-way accident, choose a lawyer with the extensive experience and resources to reach the best possible outcome.

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