National Safety Month: Daily Tips

June is National Safety Month (NSM), and the National Safety Council (NSC) is sharing tips to help you both at the workplace and at home. This week’s theme for NSM is Employee Wellness and the NSC is sharing daily tips to follow, meant to help improve the health and wellness of employees.

Daily Tips

Monday, June 10 – Scheduling time in your calendar for physical activity will make you more inclined to stick to it.

Tuesday, June 11 – Opt for healthy substitutes in combo meals, such as a side salad or baked potato instead of fries or onion rings.

Wednesday, June 12 – If possible, use the same pharmacy for all prescriptions. The pharmacist may catch incompatible drug combinations.

Thursday, June 13 – Properly disposing medications will help protect the environment as well as pets, children, and anyone who might find medication in your trash.

Friday, June 14 – A healthy breakfast is important for everyone. Instant oatmeal is a quick and healthy option; toss in fruit, raisins or nuts to add extra nutrients.

What Do You Do?

The above tips provided by the National Safety Council are simple to follow. What do you already do on a weekly basis to help improve your health and wellness? Are there any tips that you would add to the list? Share with us!

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