Nail Salons Can Cause Personal Injury Through Staph Infections

As Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys, we have seen the destructive effects that nail salon staph infections have had on women. Contracted through unclean tools or contaminated jet baths in nail salons, staphylococcus bacteria, commonly known as staph, can live on the skin or in the nose without causing any complications until the bacteria cause an infection. When these bacteria are transferred to the hands or feet through unsanitary practices in the salons and cause an infection, the results can be devastating. Personal injuries such as swelling, painful wounds and permanent scarring can occur in an untreated or misdiagnosed staph infection. A mother of three died after a heart attack that was triggered by a staph infection believed to be contracted at a nail salon.

Don’t be afraid to ask nail salon staff about the cleaning procedures in salons. Make sure that all foot and hand baths are scrubbed with state-approved disinfectant in hot water after each use. Bringing along your own tools such as nail files and nail clippers can also help reduce the risk of staph infections.

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