Motorcycle Safety Tips: Riding With A Passenger


Carrying a Passenger on Your Motorcycle; here are some things to remember while riding on a motorcycle with a passenger.

  • Make sure the motorcycle is designed to carry a passenger.
  • If you decide to carry a child, make sure the child is mature enough to handle the responsibilities, can reach the footrests, wears a helmet and other protective gear, and holds onto you or the passenger hand-holds.
  • Keep in mind that some states have minimum age requirements for motorcycle passengers.
  • Instruct your passenger to keep his or her legs away from the muffler to avoid burns.
  • Instruct your passenger to limit movement and talking.
  • Remember that the extra weight from carrying a passenger can affect braking procedures, starting from a stop, and riding through a corner.
  • Exercise caution in quick stops, as a passenger can move forward and bump your helmet with theirs.
  • Passing will require more time and space.
  • The effects of the wind will be more distinct.
  • Review the motorcycle owner’s manual for tips on preparing for riding with a passenger.
  • Do not exceed the weight limitations specified in the manual.
  • Before riding, practice low-speed clutch/throttle control and normal and emergency braking in an open area, like a parking lot, with a passenger.
  • Allow the passenger time to adjust to the speed of riding and the feeling of leaning.
  • Make sure the passenger keeps all hands and feet away from hot or moving parts.
  • When in a corner, the passenger should look over the operator’s shoulder in the direction of the corner.
  • The passenger should not make any sudden movements or turns.
  • When crossing an obstacle, the passenger should stand on the motorcycle pegs with knees slightly bent, allowing the legs to absorb the shock upon impact.
  • The motorcycle should be started before the passenger mounts.

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