Motorcoach And Trucking Industries: Regulation & Enforcement Needed

The three bus accidents from last year are still under investigation, the accidents happened because of negligence. There needs to be better screening of drivers and for this to happen their needs to be some regulations. Motorbus transportation is a highly regulated industry and it needs to stay that way, and so does the over the road trucking industry. The primary purpose of regulations is to protect consumers, placing restrictions on corporate operators does this. Corporations are not like people; they do not have a mind, a soul, or a conscience. They are driven purely by money and profits. Regulations are in place to help make sure that companies take the appropriate precautions for the safety of the public.

In February of 2009, After Congress shut off funds for a pilot program the Obama Administration closed the border to unsafe Mexican trucks. In retaliation, the Mexican government raised tariffs, which then led to an agreement that allowed cross-border Mexican truck operators to ship within the U. S. The problem is that in the U.S., our drivers are highly regulated in the areas of their driving experience, their shift hours, their health and drug use, and they go through training as well. However this is not the case with Mexican truckers. At present there are around 4,000 people killed each year in trucking accidents.

Negligent operators should be held accountable before something happens, the pure size of trucks and buses can have catastrophic accident consequences. Unfortunately, even with regulations in place many companies face only insignificant fines and then continue on as if it were only a slap on the wrist. Bad companies need to understand that dangerous and destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Regulations need to hold these corporations accountable, if this happens then the non-compliant companies will be forced out of business.

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