Mother Pursues Claim After Daycare Worker Hits Her Son

Mother Pursues Claim After Daycare Worker Hits Her Son

In Toledo, a former daycare worker has been charged with assault after surveillance footage showed her hitting a three-year-old child in the face.

Our client told police that she took her two sons to a local daycare in the morning. Around lunchtime, she returned to pick up her youngest, who was sick. When she arrived, she heard her oldest son crying hysterically and noticed a red mark on his face. She left with both sons, and soon returned to talk to the daycare owner about the incident.

Upon inspection of the daycare’s surveillance videos, it appeared that the daycare employee in charge of supervising the children that day was attempting to force feed our client’s oldest child. When he did not eat the food, the daycare employee forcefully hit the boy on his cheek.

Seeking Justice for Our Client and Her Family

According to records released from the court, the women turned herself in to police and appeared before a judge to plead not guilty to the crime. However, based on the available evidence, we believe that this daycare worker did assault our client’s son and must be held accountable.

Although the local daycare facility has fired the employee, our client wants to pursue legal action against the abusive caretaker. In addition to pursuing a claim against the daycare worker, our client is also pursuing a claim against the daycare for negligently hiring this worker and then failing to adequately supervise the worker who was supposed to care for our client’s young son and other children.

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Unfortunately, abuse in a caretaking setting is all too common. When it is done upon groups that cannot speak up for themselves in court, such as children, the event can sometimes go unreported. Thankfully, in these circumstances, surveillance footage documented the harm done to our client’s son by the abusive former employee.

We are proud to represent our client in this case and we look forward to pursuing any and all legal claims related to abuse by the former daycare worker. If you or someone you know desires representation for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful behavior, it may be beneficial for you to reach out to our compassionate and skilled attorneys.

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