Minivan Fails To Yield, Hits Police Officer

A police officer was hit by a minivan on Wednesday on Far Hills Avenue in Kettering, Ohio. The driver of the minivan failed to yield the right of way to Officer John Davis who was operating a motorcycle at the time.

Davis was heading north in the right lane of the road, and the left lane was backed up with traffic. Apparently, someone in the left lane motioned to another car to come across traffic to get on an entrance ramp to the Interstate nearby. Unfortunately, that driver did so without making sure that the right lane, where Officer Davis was traveling, was clear.

Officer Davis was unable to avoid the collision with the minivan. Following the accident, he was taken to the hospital but released. The preliminary investigation into this accident shows that the minivan was at fault as they failed to yield the right of way.

We would advise Officer Davis to contact a lawyer if his injuries escalate or do not improve. According to a news article, he is “doing fine” at this time.

Motioning to Traffic

Some may think that they are being courteous to other drivers by allowing them to pass through their lane of traffic, but this can also be a disservice to the motorist. If there are two lanes of traffic going one way and you motion to another motorist to pass through, thinking that the other lane of traffic going in the same direction is clear for the driver, you could potentially cause a serious accident.

If you do choose to allow a driver to pass through a lane of traffic and the other lane is not clear, the potential injuries and damage from the accident could be very serious, or even fatal. So what should you do as a driver? It is important to always be defensive in these situations.

If you are motioned to by another driver to pass through their lane of traffic, we recommend being very defensive. If you are not 100-percent sure whether or not the other lane of traffic is free, do not go. Waiting another few minutes for a break in traffic is much easier than waiting in a hospital after being injured in an accident.

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