Mental Anguish Damage Is Available To Beneficiaries

Family members can be awarded compensation for the mental anguish they endured as a result of the loss of their loved one. Like loss of society, this may be a hard figure to quantify because there’s no formula for setting a dollar value on one’s pain. Nonetheless, it can account for a significant amount in a damages award because most people can relate to the grief experienced as the result of the death of a family member.

Making a case for mental anguish is similar to asking for pain and suffering damages in a routine personal injury case. Your Ohio tragic death accident attorney could ask the jurors to award money based on the anguish endured over a set time period such as months or years. Your fatal accident lawyer may take a different approach by not suggesting a formula and simply asking the jurors to determine a fair figure to compensate family members for the mental anguish they’ve suffered.

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