Medical Malpractice Injuries During Surgery

Numerous medical malpractice injuries happen during surgical procedures. Most of the injuries are frequently caused by negligent pre-operative care and planning. This can lead to serious irreversible injuries or even death. Some examples of surgical injuries can include the following:
o Improperly administering anesthesia
o Negligent surgical techniques
o Puncturing of internal organs
o Operating on the wrong body part
o Performing the wrong procedure on a patient
o Closing up the patient without taking out all of the surgical implements and instruments
o A failure to diagnose and/or treat an infection that happens post-operatively
Negligent medical care can result in the following:
o Asphyxia – which is the loss of oxygen to parts of the body or suffocation
o Blindness
o Paralysis
o Injured organs
o Brain injuries
o Amputation
o Cardiovascular injuries
o Coma
o Death

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