Medical Malpractice Injuries Caused During Birth

Medical Malpractice Injuries Caused During Birth

One of the most common types of medical malpractice injuries are birth injuries. Complications can take place during childbirth, if that happens it can lead to injury or death of the mother, baby, or both of them. This can happen when the OBGYN does not give the baby or mother the correct care either before or during the baby’s delivery. Some examples of negligent care can include the following:

Examples of Negligent Care:

  • A failure to give certain blood tests that can detect fetal abnormalities
  • A failure to notice and recognize signs that the fetus is in distress
  • A failure to notice or recognize any signs of respiratory distress
  • A failure to offer sufficient prenatal care
  •  A failure to deliver a baby by C-section, if necessary for health reasons of the mother and/or baby
  • When rushing the delivery of the baby results in a breech birth and broken bones
  • A failure to give a premature baby the appropriate care
  • A doctor’s negligence can be the cause of some serious medical malpractice injuries; it can also be due to negligent medical care is given during the prenatal care or in the delivery room. This can cause many serious injuries to the baby including:

Cerebral Palsy:

  • This is a condition that involves permanent brain damage to the brain’s motor control centers. This disorder results in motor dysfunction, for example, spasms and a lack of coordination of the muscles

Erb’s Palsy (also known as Brachial Palsy):

  • This is when there is an injury to the nerves surrounding the baby’s shoulder. This injury happens when the baby is unable to exit the birth canal and as a result causes paralysis in the arms

Facial Paralysis:

  • This is an injury to the facial nerves; it is often a result of delivery using forceps

Clavicle Fracture:

  • This is usually a result of a breech birth, this injury happens when the clavicle or collarbone of the baby breaks

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