Mechanical Glitch Causes Toledo SUV Rollover Accident

While many of the auto injury cases handled by the Toledo car accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices stem from multi-vehicle collisions, there are plenty of other ways for serious crashes to occur–most notably, a mechanical failure on the vehicle that causes it to cease working properly.

Such are the circumstances involved in a recent Toledo are auto accident that resulted in the injury of one woman.

As 38-year-old Tracy St. John was heading southbound on the interstate in her 2004 GMC Envoy, her steering failed just as she was trying to change from the right lane. This caused her to lose control of her vehicle and strike the left guardrail, ultimately rolling over onto the top blocking both lanes. When emergency medical crews arrived on the scene, they freed St. John from her overturned SUV and transported her to a nearby medical center where she is listed in serious condition.

Although this accident continues to be under investigation, law enforcement official believes the failing sway bar mechanism on the car played a contributing factor.

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