Man Receives Near-Fatal Shock While On-The-Job

Robert Lucas was always the type of guy that loved to work. He enjoyed what he did for a living and didn’t mind getting up every day to do it. That was, until one day in 2003 when Robert almost lost his life due to an accident that occurred while on the job.

Nearly a decade ago now, Robert’ boss instructed him to stand in a debris-littered bucket of a backhoe so he could then be lifted in the air to fix a low-hanging cable and telephone wires. While his boss told him what to do, he did not instruct him to wear a safety harness.

While in the process of fixing the wires, Robert came into contact with a wire that was electrically energized and he then received a severe electrical shock. During the time of this horrific accident, Robert’ boss was talking on his cell phone.

Robert explained, “The 7200 volts of electrical current went through my right hand, across my chest, and blew out my left wrist. I was thrown out of the backhoe bucket and I fell several feet.”

The result of the accident was life-changing. Robert had suffered cardiac arrest and was defibrillated three times before his heart began to beat again. He remained in an induced coma for 28 days and then spent an additional 87 days in the hospital enduring a slow and painful recovery.

The Injuries from the Accident

The injuries Robert sustained from the accident were very serious. The electrical shock combined with the fall from the backhoe caused one of his eyeballs to pop out of the socket. While the eye was salvaged by the doctors, he still has vision problems due to the accident.

Robert went through multiple surgeries for his injuries and also suffered from infections and scars throughout the process. While in his coma, he underwent seven skin graft surgeries and has gone through nearly 20 similar surgeries since then.

Robert’s left arm, where the electrical shock exited his body, is permanent and painful. He explains that his arm is basically useless and he has trouble buttoning and zipping clothing, as well as putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. Since his accident in 2003, Robert has been unable to work.

Robert’s personality is one of the things that have gotten him through this entire ordeal. Attorney Boyk explained, “Robert dealt with the horrific pain from his injuries, yet he still has his dry, sarcastic sense of humor. That is why he is easily one of my favorite clients.”

Our law office was able to help Robert file a civil suit against his employer while handling his workers’ compensation claim, and well as his social security and disability claims.

We fought for Robert to receive compensation to pay his over $1 million in medical bills.

Robert states, “We called three attorneys while I was in the hospital. Chuck was the only one who would come down and visit me there. He went above and beyond from day one, and I trust him to take care of my family and friends’ legal needs.”

You can find Robert’s full story, along with other inspiring articles, in our Injured Times magazine.


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