Local Students Talks About The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

This past December, Huron High School senior, Mackenzie Davis went shopping at the Sandusky Mall. On her way home from the mall, Mackenzie drove down Cleveland Road West in Huron Township, with her Mercury Sable full of Christmas gifts.

While driving, someone had sent her a text message.

“I heard my phone vibrate,” Davis said. “I knew who it was. I knew what it said.”

In spite of the road conditions, in spite of warnings about the dangers of texting while driving, she reached for her phone.

The car drifted right, into a snowbank. Davis overcorrected, sending the car across the center line and headlong into a Firelands Plumbing truck carrying so many tons of water and tools that the impact was like hitting a brick wall at 85 mph.

Davis spoke at a recent school assembly. She reminded the students that just one text isn’t worth it. She also spoke on how she missed five weeks of cheerleading and had to sleep sitting up for a month. She was lucky compared to others who text and drive.

Texting and driving can not only lead to injury but also jail time, enormous financial liabilities, and in some cases, death or life-changing injuries. Check out some other texting and driving blogs on our site, posted by our car accident lawyers.

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