Left Of Center Accidents In Ohio

There’s a good chance that drivers are aware of what left of center means. Many drivers may have even received a citation for driving left of center at one point in time, even if they were just slightly over the line. This can cause frustration as some may think going left of center is not a big deal and the cost of a ticket is. But, this is not the case. Left of center accidents pose a huge danger to those on the roadways as it increases the chances for a head-on collision, many of which are fatal.

Left of Center in Ohio

The Ohio Revised Code 4511.29 states that no driver should go left of center on the road unless the left side is clearly visible and free of traffic (i.e. when someone is passing another vehicle on the road). Driving left of center should not occur if there are others in the lane and there is a potential for collision (i.e. a driver accidentally swerving left of center when distracted).

Even when someone is going left of center to safely pass another vehicle, they must return to their lane as soon as possible in order to keep others safe on the road. If a motorist violates this section of the law, they can potentially cause a fatal accident.

Our car accident lawyers have covered several left of center accidents in our blog and oftentimes the outcomes of the accidents are tragic. Going left of center increases the probability of a head-on collision which can be serious and sometimes fatal.

Left of Center: Ohio Revised Code

The Ohio Revised Code 4511.29 Driving to left of center of roadway in overtaking and passing traffic proceeding in same direction can be found on the Ohio Revised Code website. Oftentimes reading these sections of the law straight from the Ohio Revised Code can be confusing, leaving those who have been affected by accidents of this nature overwhelmed.

If you have suffered in an accident in which another motorist drove left of center, hitting your vehicle and injuring yourself or your passengers, call our car accident attorneys at 800.637.8170. You can call our office to explain your situation and get firsthand advice from our experienced lawyers on the steps that you should take toward filing a personal injury claim.

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