Leading Cause Of Teen Car Accident Deaths

Leading Cause Of Teen Car Accident Deaths

According to research found in Reader’s Digest, nearly half of teen car-crash deaths happen at night. Our Toledo, OH fatal teen car accident attorneys see the devastation that teen car accidents can cause to a family and a community. The best way to help your teen avoid being injured in a car accident or avoid causing a car accident is to talk to your new driver about how teen crashes are caused. Being open with your teen about the dangers of driving may help them to make smarter decisions on the road. Here are the first three factors in fatal teen car accidents:

1. Speeding. Speeding is a factor in 35% of crash deaths involving young drivers.

2. Texting. Cell phone use increases the risk for a fatal teen crash by an astonishing 300%.

3. Passengers. Adding one passenger increases the fatal teen crash risk by 48%.

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