Lawsuits Filed Against Bayer Corporation For Yaz Birth Control Health Problems

Posted on 01/29/2016
A recent article by reported at there have been 129 lawsuits filed against Bayer Corporation as of October 8, 2009, that are related to Yaz birth control or its generic form, Yasmin birth control. Yaz and Yasmin account for $1.8 billion of the Bayer’s total sales.The Yaz birth control lawsuits deal with women who have suffered serious health problems such stroke while taking Yaz birth control, heart attack while taking Yaz birth control, Yaz causing blood clots, and Yaz causing pulmonary embolism, just to name a few.The Yaz birth control lawsuits are being handled under multi-district litigation out of the Southern District of Illinois.There are also emerging medical links to support these claims, as cited in two recent articles by BMJ, a British Medical Journal.