Lawsuit Filed Against Former Teacher For Charges Of Sexual Abuse

Two men, one from Lucas County and the other from Wood County, filed lawsuits against former Rossford and Toledo Public School teacher Harold J. “Gerry” Mash, 68. Mr. Mash currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and was removed from his current teaching job at Foreman High School in Chicago.

According to the lawsuit filed by Lucas County resident Ronald C. Tremp and unnamed Wood County resident, both men were sexually abused by Mash when they were 14. The incidents allegedly occurred when Mash held positions of authority in the Toledo area school system. Mash has since been a teacher in the Chicago Public School system for 22 years.

Attorney Konrad Kircher of Mason, Ohio, who filed the lawsuit stated, “The men felt it was their duty to come forward to protect other children and hold Mash accountable for his actions.” Unfortunately, unless recent victims of Mash were to come forward, the two men cannot press criminal charges because the time period is so vast. Mash has been sentenced to six months suspension for the 1976 conviction.

In the 1970’s, Mr. Mash was forced to resign from Toledo Public Schools due to suspicion of sexual abuse of one child and was then hired by Rossford Schools. According to the lawsuit,” He eventually left Ohio for Georgia to escape further accountability, punishment and prosecution. Defendant later had two assault convictions in Iowa under very suspicious circumstances.”

When Mash resigned from Rossford Schools, the school board wanted to ensure he could never teach again and directed that his records with the Ohio Department of Education be flagged. It still is not clear how Mash obtained a teaching license in Illinois. When he was hired by Chicago Public School in 1990, his Illinois background check came back clear, according to a Chicago district spokesman.

The Executive Director of Wood County Juvenile Court claims it depends on the type of criminal record as well as the type of background check, that will determine if a person’s criminal history will show. The lawsuit filed last Thursday seeks damages of $25,000 and was assigned to Judge Gene Zmuda.

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