Keep An Injury Diary

After sustaining injuries in an accident, you will receive medical treatment (as advised by our personal injury lawyers), as well as notify your lawyers of the ongoing treatment and recovery process. It is good to have your lawyer fully aware of your condition, allowing them to better understand the scope of your injuries and the compensation that is deserved.

Our lawyers advise clients to keep a diary of their symptoms and injuries. This will make it much easier throughout the legal process to be able to track the progression of injuries and to assess whether or not the treatment is effective. You will also need to prove your injuries and a detailed diary of symptoms and injury treatment will only strengthen the argument that your lawyer will make.

If you are self-employed, you should also keep track of all the times that you were unable to work or perform your duties effectively. Having a log of how the injury has held you back from earning a living will help to document exactly how the injury has affected your wellbeing and financial state.

Having an organized and detailed resource for both you and your lawyer to access throughout the legal process will only make everything easier. Keep your diary in the same place with your document files, including all medical records, police reports, and doctor bills. You will be very happy that you have all of these important documents together and organized when you and your lawyer have to find a specific bill, record, or evidence of your injury.

If you are just beginning to recover from your injury and you have not contacted a personal injury attorney, we highly recommend calling the lawyers at our office. You can reach our experienced team and receive a free case evaluation by calling 800.637.8170. Our legal staff and team of attorneys will gladly asses your case over the phone and make a recommendation on how you should go forth with your case.

We also offer easy-to-understand legal books for free. You can request a copy of whichever book you would like, or multiple books, when you call our office. You can also order directly from the Reports page of our website.

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