Journalist Helps Toledoans “Remember When” In New Book

Lou Hebert has had an interest in the city of Toledo for more than 40 years that has become a passion for northwest Ohio. He now has a new book entitle, Day by Day in Toledo: An Almanac of the Interesting, Important, and Unusual Stories of Toledo’s Past. Our office is happy to highlight Lou through our February 2014 Boyk Bulletin as he is a dear friend to Attorney Chuck Boyk.

Lou Heert’s career has included working in television and radio all over the country. He has received several awards throughout his career, including a Peabody Award for the radio production he did. He has been awarded the highest recognition a person in journalism can be awarded, in addition to receiving several Emmy awards for his reporting.

Lou and Chuck met during an interview for NBC 24 which involved a dog bite issue. Chuck had been asked to give his legal opinion as part of the story. Then, a couple years later, Lou was in need of a lawyer and he decided to hire Chuck.

“Lou is one of the most interesting guys I know,” said Chuck. “We are happy to help him with his case and to also spread the word about his great new book. Toledo is lucky to have someone passionate enough about the city to document historical events in such an interesting way.”

Lou’s New Book Highlighting Toledo

Lou’s book documents Toledo in a creative way. Lou said, “At first I started jotting things down on a calendar. I would gather bits of information or write down events of local historical significance.”

Lou has lived elsewhere but always continued to find facts about our great Ohio city. “Toledo is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter where you are,” said Lou.

What does Toledo mean to you?

Our office is giving a free copy of Lou’s book to the first five people to contact our office with a comment on what Toledo means to you.

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