Johnson & Johnson: Hip Implant Case

Johnson & Johnson: Hip Implant Case

There have been several medical device and implant lawsuits. Companies have either neglected to notify patients of the risks associated with their medical devices, or they did not properly notify the doctors of the effects that the device could cause for patients.

The JereBeasley Report covered a case involving Johnson & Johnson and a hip implant lawsuit in November 2013. In the report, it states that just two weeks before the case was meant to go to trial, Johnson & Johnson settled a bellwether case in coordinated litigation in California. This specific case involved injuries that were allegedly caused by the company’s ASR metal-on-metal hip implants.

Johnson & Johnson is a subsidiary of DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. and has been the subject of thousands of lawsuits regarding the ASR implants.

DePut was ordered to pay $8.3 million to a retired prison guard last March that was injured by the metal-on-metal hip implant. This was the first trial of this sort that was held against the company.

In this case, the prison guard’s name was Robert Ottoman. He had a total hip replacement that used the Johnson & Johnson ASR device in August 2008. After the surgery, Ottoman suffered severe pain that was allegedly caused by the device. It was so serious that it was difficult for him to walk and he had to undergo revisionary surgery in November 2011.

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson and DePuy were aware of the high rate of failure associated with these metal-on-metal ASR hip implants for five years, yet they remained on the market.

Our office has followed the recall of DePuy hip implants for some time. We have blog posts dating back four years that address the hip implant’s failure rates and the fact that the company knew of the hip replacement’s issues.

In matters such as this, if a patient receives a medical device that causes them significant pain and suffering due to a company’s failure to properly notify patients and doctors, they should seek legal representation. If a serious injury results from a medical device failure, there is a strong chance that there is a legitimate claim that can be filed.

If you or your loved one has suffered injury as a result of a failed medical device, call our office at 800.637.8170 and we will help you to take the proper steps toward filing a claim and receiving the compensation that is deserved.

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