Jeep Employee Files Suit Seven Years After Shooting

Take it from the experienced Ohio injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices, devastating accidents can happen at anytime, in any place. While some believe that these cases are typically comprised of only auto accidents and medical malpractice, many of the most serious personal injury cases stem from accidents that occurred while on the job.

Such are the circumstances in an Ohio workers compensation case where a Chrysler employee was injured in a shooting at the assembly plant.

Nearly sever years ago, Paul Meldon was a 22 year-old employee for Chrysler during the time of a shooting that occurred at the Toledo Jeep Assembly Center. On January 25th, 2005, disgruntled fellow employee Miles Myers came into the plant with a shotgun, injuring two and killing one before taking his own life. Meldon was amongst those hurt in the shooting.

Since the horrific incident, Meldon has undergone several surgeries due to the serious injury he suffered at the time of the shooting. Despite being nearly seven years ago, he is currently seeking $500,000 in damages from the company, arguing that Myers came into the plant undetected and that the security firm who was hired to prevent things like this from happening failed to do their job.

All accidents have the potential to be both terrifying and life-changing–this is true regardless of whether the incident occurred on the roads, in the doctor’s office, or while on the job. Regardless of where one was injured, anytime one is involved in an accident it is important to contact a skilled Toledo accident attorney immediately. Not only can knowledgable legal counsel provide the best representation, they can also help answer many difficult questions that the victims may have. Don’t wait to explore all of your legal options, contact a lawyer today!

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