Is My Child Safe? ATV Accidents Are On The Rise In Ohio










Ohio news outlet WFMJ 21 News Now spoke with Akron Children’s Hospital about the recent ATV injuries springing up throughout Ohio.

Gia Ramsey, the hospital’s Injury Prevention Specialist claims that “head injuries are the number one cause of death in ATV-related crashes. It’s important to make sure you are wearing your helmet, but there are scrapes, lacerations, abrasions, broken bones.” Riders should always be cautious when on their all-terrain vehicles, because even if you’re wearing your helmet, your life is still at risk.

There have been reports indicated that 136,000 people end up in the emergency room every year from ATV-related crashes. Seven hundred of those injuries resulted in death.

Basic safety tips for all ATV riders require drivers to only have one person on a vehicle, unless the ATV is designed to carry passengers, never have children ride without supervision, and never drive on the roadways. This is because cars driving at high speeds may not see the motorists on the road, especially at night.

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It is known children are most often involved in ATV-related accidents and many organizations frown upon allowing children under the age of 16 to drive the vehicles. However, there are no laws stopping anyone from enjoying ATV as a sport.

Ramsey also comments the vehicles “…are difficult to use and children under 16 usually don’t have the cognitive and physical abilities to use that ATV safely.”

Ramsey also suggest before children go out on ATV rides everything must be checked out from maintenance to providing proper safety equipment. Children who wear the proper clothing such as helmets, clothing with pants, chest and elbow protectors will definitely be more protected than those with without safety gear. There are also smaller models designed for younger riders. Miniature ATV’s with maximum speeds of 15 mph to 40 mph can be substituted for your little one instead of buying a larger adult sized model.

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