Injured In Out-Of-State Car Accident

Car accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor to serious. They often also result in piles of medical bills, time off of work, lost wages, and property damage. One of the biggest pieces of advice that we give to victims after they have been in an accident is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

This #1 piece of advice is even more important for those who have been injured in an out-of-state accident. If you are an Ohio resident but you are in an accident that is out-of-state, calling a lawyer to help you with your case is essential.

There are different factors to deal with when you are in an accident that is not your state of residence. Every state has different auto insurance laws which play a role in how the lawsuit will be handled. If you find yourself injured in a car accident that occurred out of your home state, call a lawyer as soon as possible.

By calling our office at 800.637.8170, you will have an opportunity to be guided through step one, all the way to your settlement. We can help you figure out the different legal aspects of your accident, ensuring that you are able to receive the settlement that you deserve for your injuries.

Out-of-State Accidents

One situation that worries parents of college students that go to school out-of-state is what would happen to them if they were involved in an accident while at school.

We have explained this type of accident in a past blog post. If you are the parent of a college student, or you yourself have been injured while at school, click here to read more.

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