Indoor Waterpark Injuries

A child drowning accident is a terrible incident that can shatter your world and devastate your family. Our Ohio accident attorneys want to keep you and your family safe not only in the pool but also in everyday life.

The following tip was presented by the Jere Beasley Report on how to keep your kids safe while playing in the pool.

Drowning is silent.
There is a very common misconception that drowning is a very violent and noisy event. If you have never experienced such an emergency you may think that you will hear a lot of splashing and screaming, most of the time this is not the case. Many times children slip under the water silently, there have been drowning incidents where people actually in the pool have not heard any thing out of the ordinary. It is extremely important to keep an eye out for children falling in or being pulled under, a pool is as only as safe as YOU make it.

More pool safety tips to come on how to keep your child free from Ohio child pool drowning injuries.

NEVER leave a child unattended.
You have heard this many many times before and it still holds true. Never let your child (children) out of sight, even for a moment. Accidents rarely occur when everyone is paying attention, but as soon as there is an opportunity it may, and if you always assume this is true you could end up saving someone’s life. If you have to go to the rest room, call your children in from the water until you get back or even bring them with you. If you are visiting with another adult, make sure you inform them you are leaving for a moment so they can be an extra cautious “Water Watcher.”

If you follow and enforce these simple rules you and your family will have a safe and enjoyable visit to any water park.

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