I-76 Shut Down After Akron Semi-Truck Accident

Motor vehicle accidents come in all varieties and can happen at any time, in any place. In the experiences of the top Ohio injury lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices, the collisions involving larger cars and trucks are generally the most devastating as the sheer size of the vehicle creates a higher chance of causing significant personal injury to the driver(s) or passengers.

An example is seen in a recent Ohio truck accident that resulted in the injury of one.

While driving a semi-truck filled with large rolls of paper on I-76 just outside of Akron, the driver lost control of his vehicle while going around a sharp curve. The truck flipped over and slammed into the guardrail, which ultimately cut through the truck’s cabin. Miraculously, the cut barely missed the driver and he escaped the collision with only minor, non-life threatening injuries.

The most frustrated by the aforementioned incident are likely to be the other drivers on I-76 at the time of the accident, as the highway was shut down for a few hours while emergency crews cleaned up the mess. No other details, including the truck driver’s name or current medical condition, have been provided at this time. However, law enforcement officials are conducting a full investigation into the cause of this accident.

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