How To Prevent And Respond To A Child Accident

As personal injury attorneys, the most difficult cases our offices handle are those that deal with the death or serious injury of a child. These types of accidents bring unimaginable pain and suffering to the parents, grandparents and siblings of the child that has been involved.

The most common child accidents oftentimes can be prevented by taking certain precautionary measures.

Preventing At-Home Child Accidents

Drowning, fire, burns (pots, grease irons, etc), injuries to the head, serious falls, electrocution, broken bones and suffocation are among the most common at-home child accidents. But, there is a way to make your home safe in efforts to prevent these tragic incidences from occurring.

  • Install stairway gates to prevent falls
  • Put plastic coverings over all electrical outlets
  • Do not keep poisonous household cleaning items within reach; store in locked cabinets or high cupboards
  • Keep medications out of reach of children or in locked cabinets; purchase child-proof bottles
  • Set hot water temperature low to prevent scalding
  • Install fence and keep outdoor swimming area locked and off limits when there is no adult supervision
  • Use non-slip rugs throughout the house, especially outside of the shower or bath tub

Take these simple measures to ensure the safety of your children or grandchildren.

Responding to an Out-of-Home Child Accident

In the event that your child or grandchild has been seriously injured in an accident, there are several things that must be done. This can be overwhelming, as you must deal with the medical community, health insurance companies, and properly file with the legal system.

It is important to have an attorney help you through this difficult time. Experienced child accident attorneys know the proper steps to take when a child accident occurs, and will help to resolve any legal issues that may exist.

If your child or grandchild has been seriously injured or killed in a child accident, call our Ohio child accident attorneys. We can navigate you through the process, and deal with the hospital and insurance companies so you don’t have to. Call our office at 800.637.8170 for a free case evaluation, or order your free copy of Little Kids, Big Accidents: The Ultimate Guide to Child Injury Cases in Ohio.

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