How To Get Car Fixed After Accident

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident and there was damage to your car, you will want to get it repaired the correct way. Below you will see our guide for collision repair.

Guide To Collision Repair after Accident

Choosing a Collision and Repair Shop

If you were in an accident and submitted an insurance claim, you have the option to choose the shop that you will have your vehicle repaired at. You will want to verify that the shop is registered with the state and look for trustworthy technicians with certificates.

You do not need more than one estimate

After you select a shop that you are comfortable with, there is no need to get another estimate. You should let your insurance company know of the repair shop and ask the shop to call the involved insurance company on your behalf.

You don’t have to go to a DRP shop

A Direct Repair Program (DRP) shop is one that has a strategic alliance with an insurer. This means that they meet specific criteria of the program and agree to do business in a certain manner with the insurance company, streamlining the claims settlement process.

It is the vehicle owner’s decision to decide whether or not the program is something that they’d like to be a part of.

The above guide to collision repair simply allows the reader to know that they have options are not expected to go with a certain repair shop.

It is also important for the vehicle owner to know that they can choose to take part in the optional DRP program. They are not required to utilize a DRP repair shop.

If you have any questions about seeking damages after a vehicle accident, call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. We also recommend downloading a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book which helps to explain the legal process that follows a vehicle accident.

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