How is Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

How is Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

Mesothelioma is a rare and dangerous kind of cancer. Mesothelioma has two primary types. One is Epithelial, mesothelioma, where the cells resemble those found in lung cancer, or Sacromatoid mesothelioma, which is an aggressive form of mesothelioma. Sometimes someone may have both types at the same time which is called biphasic or mixed mesothelioma.

These two types of mesothelioma can affect the Pleura space, the lining of the lungs, the Thoracic cavity, which is chest cavity, the Peritoneal lining which protects the organs of the abdomen, or in rare cases the Pericardium, the lining of the heart muscle, or the Tunica Vaginalis, which is the protective lining of the testicles.

Regardless of where Mesothelioma develops from, or which type of Mesothelioma you may have, it is important to understand how does your medical providers diagnose and determine that you have Mesothelioma in the first place?

The Process of Diagnosing Mesothelioma (Simplified)

When any doctor diagnosis an illness they start by looking at the symptoms that you are presenting. In the case of Mesothelioma this may chest pain, shortness or breathe, swelling around the heart or belly, or unexplained weight gain or loss.

These symptoms are also common in other diseases so it important for your doctor to ask questions that can better explain these symptoms and how they may be related to a mesothelioma diagnosis. These questions include whether you may have been exposed to Asbestos, which in itself is the single most important risk factor for the development of Mesothelioma.

A physical exam is often performed where the doctor will listen to your lungs or feel the different areas of concern.

Next, an x-ray may be ordered to see if specific issues appear on the pictures of your chest, lungs or abdomen. If any abnormal results are discovered additional scans that are more detailed and accurate may be done, such as a CT-Scan , an MRI, or an Ultrasound. These imaging tests are more precise and can get better pictures of areas under scrutiny for abnormal masses.

If fluid build-up or any abnormal mass is found in any of the regions where any of these imaging tests that are done, then some type of Biopsy will be performed to extract the fluid or a piece of the mass to test it for whether it may be Mesothelioma or another form of cancer.

Mesothelioma can only be confirmed through this biopsy process whereby the cells taken in the biopsy are taken, stained by certain chemicals and then analyzed by a Pathologist or a Cytologist ,who are doctors that are experts at looking at tissues and cells for abnormalities and different forms of cancers. Only then can a doctor definitively diagnose mesothelioma.

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