2nd Edition Of Injured Times Magazines Offers Readers Heartwarming Stories Of Strength And Resilience

Overcoming adversity and refusal to give up are common themes in the 2nd edition of Boyk Law’s magazine, Injured Times, as we use the publication to try to encourage and empower readers who may be facing similar injuries.

The magazine’s purpose is also to illustrate how receiving the proper medical treatment and finding the right attorney can mean the difference between successfully resolving the injury claim or being stuck without any means to overcome the injuries.

Through telling the stories of our clients, readers will be able to relate to their situations and hopefully apply the same actions to their own lives.

Here are a few of the people highlighted in the newest issue:

Alyssa Jones Crayton, a young woman who broke both of her legs and her neck while riding in the car with her boyfriend, RJ. Their truck was T-boned after a dump truck failed to stop at a stop sign. You will read about Alyssa’s miraculous recovery and how she went on to become the wife and mother she had always dreamed of becoming.

Dustin Vogelsong, a young roofer, and father to a one-month-old baby girl who almost lost his life after a car accident that left him with a severe head trauma, shattered leg, and broken jaw. His amazing recovery and ensuing legal battle and victory will leave you inspired.

Craig Parliament, a father, and grandfather who was killed after being rear-ended by a driver while riding his motorcycle. Our tribute to the late Corvette enthusiast highlights the vast impact he made on countless lives during his 27 years of sobriety, from the perspective of his oldest son, Jason.

Ann Mooney, a hard-working woman who had to leave her job after 37 rewarding years when a car accident left her with the need for seven surgeries.

You will read stories about families who have rallied together to help their injured loved ones recover and the part that Boyk Law played to ensure that the victims were compensated for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and emotional distress. It also highlights extraordinary ordinary people around the Glass City, who have been featured in our programs Tribute to Toledo and Bikes for Kids.

Our hope is that the magazine will inspire readers to realize that although recently injured people may feel “down and out” right now, proper medical care combined with competent legal guidance can lead to a full recovery from both a physical and economic perspective.

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