Guilty Verdict Reached for a Historical Sex Trafficking Case

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One of the biggest sex trafficking cases in history came to a close just in time for the new year. Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of five counts for her role in sex trafficking and grooming young girls for sexual abuse. Maxwell was a close confidant, former girlfriend, and business partner of the late Jeffery Epstein. Epstein had a history of sexual promiscuity dating back to his solicitation of prostitution back in 2009. Although, his sexual escapades were far darker than most of the country knew until he was charged with sex trafficking back in 2019. Unfortunately, the court was never able to hear the case, as Epstein killed himself in federal prison a month after being incarcerated.

The justice system, following Epstein’s death, pushed on for justice and found sizable evidence against Maxwell. Maxwell played an integral role in the sexual abuse Epstein’s victims endured. Four former victims of Epstein and Maxwell came forward during the trial detailing how Maxwell participated in the sexual abuse and pushed the girls to bring others in for Epstein’s enjoyment. The abuse for almost all the women who came forward in the trail began when they were 14 but came before the jury as women detailing their trauma. The judge presiding over the case commemorated the survivor’s courage and strength, and mentioned without them, justice may not have been served. Maxwell can be sentenced up to 65 years in prison for the part she played in the abuse, but no sentencing date has been announced.

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