Fremont City School Bus Hit By Pick-Up Truck

The Accident

Thursday morning a Fremont City school bus was driving westbound on State Route 412 when a pickup truck struck the side of the bus.

The pick-up truck, driven by Daniel Ohms of Fremont, was driving down County Road 198 and failed to yield at the intersection, causing him to hit the side of the school bus.

There were no injuries reported in the crash, but nine of the students on the school bus were taken to Fremont Memorial Hospital for observation.

Legal Issues Arising From The Accident

The at-fault driver in this accident is Daniel Ohms, as he failed to yield the right-a-way at the intersection. Luckily no injuries were reported.

Accidents involving school buses can raise several issues. They can be very complex as there are several entities involved.

Accident Resources

If your child has been on board a school bus that was involved in an accident and has suffered an injury as a result, you may be able to file a claim. This type of accident can be very confusing, and it is advised to seek help from a knowledgeable lawyer to help through the process.

Call our school bus accident lawyers to review the school bus accident, your child’s injury, and the next steps to take in the process. Our experienced lawyers will help you achieve a favorable outcome.


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