Fostoria, Ohio Funeral Home Negligence

It may be difficult to imagine, but some people in the funeral home industry have taken advantage of those that are going through the difficult mourning process. Funeral home negligence occurs when funeral home owners promise certain services, charge for those services, but then never actually deliver those services. Instead of viewing customers as individuals going through a difficult time, they see them as profit to their business.

When planning funeral arrangements, it is safe to say that many people are not in an ideal state of mind. There are several issues that must be addressed during the same period such as the deceased’s financial state and other personal things. For a funeral home to take advantage of the overwhelming situation is not right.

If you have been the victim of funeral home negligence and were treated without sensitivity or understanding, please contact our Fostoria negligence attorneys at 800.637.8170. We would like to prevent others from being taken advantage of, and by former victims of funeral home negligence stepping forward, we will be able to.

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