Finding The Right Lawyer Part 3

Here are the final two steps in the process of making sure you select the best lawyer for your accident case:

Step 5: Ask questions. Below are some questions you may want to consider asking when meeting with lawyers for the first time. They can help you determine the educational level, competency, communication skills, and their dedication to you and your case.

  1. How many years have you been a practicing attorney?
  2. What actual experience do you have in handling cases like mine?
  3. Please explain my case to me.
  4. What is your rating on
  5. Do you carry malpractice insurance?
  6. Have you been disciplined by your state Bar association?
  7. Please describe the process I will experience in the handling of my case.
  8. Who in your office will I be working with on my case?
  9. How will you keep me informed as to the status of my case?
  10. What is my case worth?
  11. Do you represent insurance companies?
  12. Do you regularly attend continuing legal education courses in the area of personal injury?
  13. Have you published articles, guides or books for consumers or other attorneys?

Step 6: Rank the information you’ve received. By ranking the information into categories you feel are most important, you can make a decision that is both wise and based on real information.

Our Ohio accident attorneys would be happy to help you with any facet of your case– please call us with any questions you might have.

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