Fatal Accident On Ohio Turnpike Kills At Least 1

A crash on the Ohio Turnpike on Tuesday afternoon led to the death of at least one person. The crash happened in the eastbound lanes of the turnpike in Lake Township.

13 ABC Action News stated that The Toledo Blade reported that one individual was killed in atwo-vehicle crash. The accident happened near the Stony Ridge exit and multiple patrols were present on the turnpike investigating the fatal accident.

The accident was caused when the driver of a semi rammed into the rear of a car, smashing it between another semi.

The right lane of the turnpike was shut down following this deadly turnpike accident as emergency crews tend to the scene.

Our office’s thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the individual killed in this accident. The heartache and confusion that the family must be experiencing at this time is unimaginable.

Fatal Ohio Turnpike Accident

It appears as though this accident was deemed as the fault of the semi driver who collided into the rear of the vehicle.

When a fatal accident was caused by an individual other than the one killed, the decedent’s family should contact a wrongful death attorney. This type of accident can lead to several legal-related things, making it imperative for the family members to have a legal professional assisting them.

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Losing a Loved One in an Accident

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult thing – it causes confusion, extreme emotions, feelings of loss, and is devastating. The family is in a time of mourning after losing someone they love, but this does not stop the insurance company from contacting them, requesting information regarding the accident. This is why it is very beneficial to hire an attorney soon after the accident.

If a family does not have legal representation, the insurance company may continue to attempt to communicate with them during a time in which they are in mourning. Our wrongful death attorneys advise seeking representation because we will take over the hassles related to this so family members can do what is important – spend time with one another.

What is intra-family wrongful death?

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