Family Of Construction Worker Files Lawsuit

Family Of Construction Worker Files Lawsuit

Our office covers construction accidents and injuries in our blog. Construction sites have many safety regulations and processes that must be met in order to ensure the safety of the workers on site. However, there are times in which these regulations are not met and construction workers suffer injury or death.


The JereBeasley Report has included a review of a case in which the family of a construction worker filed a lawsuit for the industrial accident that took the life of their loved one. The construction worker was killed in January while working on site at Baylor University. The construction site was for the new on-campus football stadium and the worker, Jose Dario Saurez suffered the unimaginable after a hydraulic lift rolled from a modular barge.

Saurez and another worker were strapped to the hydraulic lift working on the pedestrian bridge over the Brazos River. When the life slipped and rolled, Saurez ending up drowning in the river while the other man was able to become untied from the lift.

This tragic accident is currently under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) but there are no reports available at this time.

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Construction Accident Lawsuit

The lawsuit identifies the manufacturer and marketer of the barge, Flexifloat, alleging that it was not designed properly. The lawsuit states that the barge was manufactured and marketed improperly and was a “producing cause” of the tragic death of the construction worker.

In addition to the barge, the boom life is also identified in the lawsuit. Genie Industries is the designer, manufacturer and marketing of the boom life that Saurez was harnessed to. The lawsuit alleges a faulty design of the life that ultimately played a role in the untimely death of Saurez.

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The lawyers at our office handle construction accident cases such as the one above. We would urge anyone who has been injured in a construction accident, or who’s loved one was injured in an accident, to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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