Failure To Maintain Reasonable Control

Posted on 04/15/2016

The cause of many accidents is deemed a driver’s failure to maintain reasonable control. What this means is that the individual was not able to maintain reasonable control of their vehicle while operating it, which can put themselves and others at risk.

The Ohio Revised Code 4511.202 Operation without being in reasonable control of vehicle, trolley, or streetcar states, “No personal shall operate a motor vehicle, trackless trolley, streetcar, agricultural tractor, or agricultural tractor that is towing, pulling, or otherwise drawing a unit of farm machinery in any street, highway, or property open to the public for vehicular traffic without being in reasonable control of the vehicle, trolley, streetcar, agricultural tractor, or unit of farm machinery.”

Failure to Maintain Control

The above excerpt from The Ohio Revised Code is quite a mouthful. What this essentially means is that an individual shall not operate a motor vehicle if they cannot maintain reasonable control of it. If someone violates this, they would be deemed guilty of operating such a vehicle without control, which is considered to be a minor misdemeanor.

Injured by Other Driver

If you were involved in a car accident that was caused by the other driver’s failure to maintain reasonable control of their vehicle, it is critical that you seek guidance of a legal professional. Whenever someone is pursuing a personal injury claim, the best advice that our lawyers can give is to seek representation of a professional. There are many different things involved with such cases that make it necessary to have a lawyer guiding you, as well as taking over certain aspects, such as the communication with the insurance company.

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