Don’t Feel Guilty For Perusing Your Legitimate Claim

Don’t Feel Guilty For Perusing Your Legitimate Claim

So, one basis for a Ohio wrongful death claim is to prove negligence. The other way is to prove wrongful conduct such as an intentional act that resulted in a death. For example, if Steve punched Tony without provocation, causing Tony to fall down, hit his head, and die, Steve could be sued for causing Tony’s death. In that case, Tony’s estate would have to prove that Steve’s intentional and wrongful conduct caused Tony’s death.

Bringing a civil suit for wrongful death would be appropriate in both of the above examples. Winning a lawsuit probably would seem like a hollow victory compared to the loss suffered, but the court system is purposely set up to allow us to work out our differences with other parties in a civil, organized way.

The insurance industry, acting in concert with state and national chamber of commerce organizations, have worked their propaganda machines overtime to paint everyone who files a lawsuit as a money grubber. That’s ridiculous and it’s shameful. People shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for pursuing legitimate claims, especially when a person was killed as the result of negligent conduct. Family members deserve to be compensated for the mental anguish and loss of financial support they experience due to the wrongful death of a loved one. You have nothing to be ashamed of when you look out for the best interests of yourself and your family.

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