Don’t End Up In A Snowmobile Accident

With the recent accumulation of snow and the holidays drawing near, the opportunity to snowmobile will increase for Ohioans. While this is a favorite pastime for many and a tradition for some families, there are very serious consequences to snowmobile accidents if the proper precautions are not taken.

Follow the below tips this winter to ensure that you are safe driving on the fresh blanket of snow this season.

5 Snowmobile Safety Tips

1. Do not drink and drive

Alcohol and snowmobiles should not go together. Alcohol not only impairs you as you operate a dangerous vehicle, but it also increases your risk for hypothermia, which lowers your body’s core temperature.

2. Keep your Snowmobile Maintained

Make sure that your snowmobile is operating effectively so you do not end up broken down in the middle of nowhere during cold Ohio temperatures.

3. Pay Attention to Licensing Requirements

In Ohio, only those who have a valid motor vehicle operator license, commercial driver license, probationary license or motorcycle endorsement can operate a snowmobile. The law permits the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to allow minors between the ages of 12 and 16 to operate snowmobiles and APVs without a license on state-controlled land under its jurisdiction if accompanies by a parent or guardian who is a licensed motor vehicle operator, 18 years of age or older. Click here for more information.

4. Cross Safely

When crossing roads of any kind it is imperative to do so safely and with caution. You should come to a complete stop in order to make sure there is no traffic approaching from any direction, then cross at a right angle to traffic.

5. Dress Appropriately

You should always wear layers when on a snowmobile. You can add and remove layers when conditions change. Having an outer layer that is windproof is important, as well as gloves, boots, and a helmet.

All riders in Ohio are required to wear a helmet on a snowmobile.

Following the above tips should help you to remain safe while enjoying the snowmobile season.

If you or a loved one ends up injured from a snowmobile accident due to the negligence of a driver who did not follow the proper snowmobile rules, you should contact a lawyer at 800.637.8170.

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