Do You Text While You’re Driving?

Have you ever caught yourself texting while driving? Driving and texting is becoming a serious problem in the U.S. and now state lawmakers here in Ohio are working to ban it completely.

Looking down at your phone for only a few seconds while you’re driving can potentially cause serious danger and harm, to not only yourself but those in vehicles around you. This scenario is becoming all too familiar to motorists across the country.

Auto Club AAA conducted a study last summer and you’d be surprised at the statistics they discovered.

“We found out in that study that nine out of ten people view it as unacceptable to be texting while driving but still a quarter of people do it, so you have a little bit of an overlap there between people who know it’s wrong and are still doing it.” said Spokesperson for AAA Kimberly Schwind.

Ohio lawmakers have recently introduced House Bill 99 banning texting while driving. Violators would be convicted of a minor misdemeanor. There are however, a few exceptions to using a phone in the car, some of them include for emergencies, placing calls, and for public safety officials.

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