Distraction On The Roadways

Young, inexperienced drivers do not always know the dangers that a few seconds of distraction can bring to not only themselves, but to others on the road. The teen distracted driving statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration prove that teenage drivers do not fully understand that distracted driving can pose a serious danger, and that they are not immune to the consequences.

Teen Distracted Driving Statistics

  • There are approximately 85% of teenagers that have admitted to driving distracted while knowing that it is dangerous to do so
  • 34% of teens asked about distracted driving claim to be good at multitasking
  • 32% of teens that have admitted to distracted driving believe that nothing bad will happen to them
  • There are an average of 23 texts sent each month by a teen who is texting and driving
  • Over 1/3rd of teens say that they have almost been in an accident because of their distracted driving, or the distracted driving of another driver

The above statistics are concerning not only to parents of teen drivers but to anyone on the roadway. Distracted driving claims innocent lives every year. Just one text message can turn into a tragic accident.

If you are the parent of a teen driver, please talk with them about distracted driving and the dangers associated with it. Inform them that they are not invincible, and the consequences of distracted driving are serious.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a teenage distracted driver, call our West Unity car accident lawyers. Our legal team has the experience and resources necessary to help you find justice and compensation for your injuries.

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