Did The Driver Next To You Get Enough Sleep?

Did The Driver Next To You Get Enough Sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation recently came out with a new study showing that transportation operators are sleepier than the average American employees. Transportation operator is a term used to describe truck drivers, air plane pilots, train operators, etc. The job of a truck driver demands long hours on American roads, with full attention being devoted to paying attention to driving. Because of this truck drivers don’t get the rest they need. This lack of rest is putting them at a greater risk for accidents.

One big find in this study is that 14% of big-rig drivers report that that have made a “serious error” or a “near miss” because of being tired, shocking information no doubt. About 6% of pilots and train operators say that lack of sleep has led to a car accident during their commutes to or from work. Only 1% of workers outside the transportation business have reported this.

Another shocking discovery is that 60% of train operators, half of all airplane pilots and 44% of truck drivers say that they either rarely or never get a good night’s sleep on a work night.

This means that you, the fellow road passengers who share the roads with these drivers, need to be fully aware and diligent to avoid falling victim to this threat.

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