More Tips For Deer Gun Season

Deer Gun season in Ohio begins December 2 and lasts through December 8. This year hunters have an extra 30 minutes to hunt as they are able to hunt 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset now.

Our office has handled cases in the past of hunters who have been injured while hunting, so we wanted to share safety tips to help avoid any injuries this season. We listed the first 5 tips in our post-Ohio Deer Gun Season Tips, and the remaining 5 tips are below.

Tips for Ohio Deer Gun Season summarized

from Discover the Outdoors.

6. Time of Day Strategy

The busiest day hunting will be opening day and the weekend. Hunters will move about and spook deer so it is important to sit tight as long as you can. On weekdays, sit until 9 p.m. at least.

7. Farm-County Strategies

Deer will hide in standing corn and sales once the shooting starts. A deer will sit like a rabbit if it thinks you may walk by. Stand at field covers when others drive because some deer use fencerows for cover.

8. Fair Weather or Foul

Before and after a storm, deer will move to feed. Sit near trails and areas that deer are likely to visit. On windy and snowy days, deer will move to sheltered bedding areas to sit tight. On rainy days, sit still as other hunters will walk around and move deer.

9. Talk to the Deer

Use your grunt, bleat and snort calls to talk to the deer. A grunt might turn a deer that has passed you into a clear shot.

10. Train Your Senses

Look for spots of a deer. You won’t see the entire thing. You may event smell a deer before you see it.

These tips should help hunters this season. But, remember that safety is of the utmost importance as well. Read our blog posts listing safety tips before you go to hunt this season so you or your hunting team doesn’t have an accident to deal with.

If you or a hunter you know is injured while hunting, be sure to contract a hunting accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our lawyers have represented hunters who were injured in season and can be reached at 800.637.8170 to answer any questions regarding your accident, as well as give a free case evaluation.

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