Crash On Northbound I-75 Closes Highway For 3 1/2 Hours

By now, we have all heard about the dangers of texting and driving. With the reports of a serious crash that occurred yesterday being caused by a driver distracted with texting, the dangers hit closer to home.

According to reports, the accident happened late in the afternoon on Monday on I-75 northbound near the Bancroft exit in Toledo. The authorities have released that Ken Harder, 51, from Temperance, MI was traveling in his GMC Jimmy when he failed to see the ODOT truck along with the workers outside of it. Mr. Harder’s vehicle slammed into the back of the truck parked along the side of the highway as the two workers outside of it were on litter pick-up.

One of the ODOT workers, Mary Rich, was hit by the impact of the crash. She was taken from the scene to the hospital for the treatment of an arm injury and has since been released. Mr. Harder was ejected from his vehicle and was taken to the hospital where he is still in critical condition. Our thoughts are with those injured in this accident and their families.


Although a tragic accident, most likely Mr. Harder will be deemed “at-fault” for the crash because he had a duty to control his vehicle. This means that Mary Rich has the legal right to seek damages for the injuries that she sustained from the accident.

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