CPAP Users: Left to Pay Out of Pocket or Risk Death

CPAP Users: Left to Pay Out of Pocket or Risk Death

Back in June, millions of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines were recalled due to a potentially dangerous defect. The issue is that pieces of foam insulation in the machine can degrade, enter the air tube,  and be inhaled. Inhaling the foam exposes the user to a serious risk of injury, or worse, cancer.

Many CPAP users have obstructive sleep apnea and depend on their machines to ensure they don’t stop breathing while they are sleeping. However, with the recall and the manufacture slow to correct and replace the defective machines, millions of users are left in crisis: pay for a new machine, stop using it altogether, or continue and risk serious injury or cancer. Replacements can cost around $1000 and insurance companies are frequently refusing to pay.

While the recall has come as a shock to CPAP users, manufacturers like Philips, have actually known about the issue for years. FDA investigators have discovered internal documents revealing that Philips was clearly aware of the foam degradation issue in 2015 and yet never came forward with the information.

Philips failure and its exposing CPAP users to serious, life-altering health issues, has resulted in hundreds of lawsuits so far – with an expectation that thousands more will be filed. These lawsuits are a critical part of holding manufacturers accountable for placing profit over safety. These lawsuits can help make the marketplace for consumers safer.

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