Construction In Toledo: Driving Tips

Construction In Toledo: Driving Tips

There are several construction zones throughout Toledo right now. From Secor Road to Collingwood Boulevard, drivers can expect delays and some detours during their daily commute.

With so much disruption on the roadways, drivers may become frustrated. It is critical to remain calm and free of distraction while in construction zones. Drivers must remember that while construction may seem inconvenient, it is needed to keep the roadways safe and maintained.

Construction areas are usually announced on local news stations, so it is important for drivers to pay attention to these postings and adjust their schedule accordingly. While construction may seem unavoidable, drivers can take some steps to ensure a safe arrival at their final destination.

Tips for Driving in Construction:

  • Leave early – if you know that you will be traveling through construction to reach your destination, leave earlier than usual so your drive isn’t accompanied by worry of a late arrival.
  • Adjust your schedule – if your schedule is flexible, try to not travel during rush hour. This will reduce stress and delays.
  • Pay attention – construction markings can change daily. It is critical for drivers to pay attention and always be ready for changing lanes and detours.
  • Do not use phone – if you are sitting in traffic, you may be tempted to use your phone to text, email, or call someone. It is critical to avoid using devices when in construction because the distraction can lead to a fender bender or worse.

Attorney Boyk would like to remind drivers how important it is to drive distraction free through construction zones. “I know that it can be frustrating and seem endless, but drivers must remember to keep their eyes on the road and to remain calm in construction zones,” said Boyk.

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