Communication Throughout The Personal Injury Legal Process

Will I be in communication with my lawyer or their staff throughout my personal injury case?

Hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your case is a very important decision. When you decide which attorney you want representing you, there are many factors that come into play. You will essentially be in contact with this person for months, putting a great deal of trust in them to help you become financially stable after an accident.

One thing that many personal injury clients wonder as they are choosing which attorney to work with is if they will actually be in communication with the attorney they hire, or the staff at the attorney’s office.

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While we cannot speak on behalf of other law firms, we can tell you that the clients at our law office enjoy a constant stream of communication with their lawyers. We give all clients their attorney’s personal cell phone number so they may call and ask any questions whenever they have them, because we all know legal worries and questions do not only come during business hours.

We do also have our staff in contact with clients for things such as routine document checkup, or confirming appointments. We allow our clients to create relationships not only with their attorney, but also with their attorney’s support staff. This is not to say that the client is not able to speak with their attorney when they need to, but we want to ensure that they have multiple people to turn to when it is necessary.

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Favorable Settlements Take Constant Communication

We cannot stress how important it is to have communication between clients and their attorneys throughout the legal process. We believe that the more open the communication, the better the outcome.

Not only is an open line of communication with your lawyer important, but also a complete and honest dialogue. We find it important to inform our clients that they must be totally honest with their lawyers when preparing for a settlement. While we understand there may be some details that either seems unnecessary or embarrassing, they are extremely important. There is nothing worse to do for your own case than to jeopardize it because you didn’t want to tell your lawyer something.

What do I need to tell my personal injury lawyer?

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