Clinton Johnson Fights For His Life And His Settlement

Clinton was involved in a horrific accident and when he arrived to the hospital, his wife was already there. The doctor who was on call evaluated Clinton and said that he would possibly have to amputate both legs. The right leg would definitely have to be amputated, but the left leg was not confirmed.

Clinton went through numerous tests, x-trays, cat scans, and had blood work done. After all the tests, the doctor told Clinton he would have to be transferred to a larger hospital as his case was too difficult. But, before being transported to the University of Toledo Medical Center, Clinton’s legs would have to be set back in place. The drive to UTMC that would normally take 45 minutes took over two hours due to the inclement weather that evening. He finally arrived at the hospital at 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve 2008.

He was then put through several other tests at UTMC. Dr. Levine then spoke to Clinton about his condition. He was concerned that he was developing bilateral lower leg compartment syndrome – a limb threatening and life threatening condition. This is the compression of nerves, blood vessels, and muscles inside a closed space (compartment) within the body. Clinton would undergo a fasciotomy on both legs where the doctor would cut way the fascia to relieve tension or pressure.

After the fasciotomy, Clinton underwent multiple surgeries to repair the ligaments and tendon in both of his knees. He also had a total lateral cartilage removal on his right knee and was discharged 15 days after he arrived at the hospital. His journey was not over though, it was just beginning.

Clinton was then readmitted to UTMC after a check-up because he had an infection in his knee. He then had a irrigation and debridement surgery to repair, also having it another four times before it was all said and done. After six surgeries, 30 follow-up appointments, and intensive rehab, Clinton still suffers pain from the accident and surgeries.

What was meant to be a kind act as a Good Samaritan instead caused serious disruption to Clinton’s life. He had to switch positions at his employer, now working a desk job. He also cannot do several things that he used to be able to, but he is happy to be alive. He is also thankful to have had Attorney Michael Bruno helping him through the legal process for over two and a half years.

“Mike was there right off the get go – he was always calling to see how I was and giving me updates on my case,” said Clinton. He also explained how the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices help to relieve stress when the hospitals would call him regarding bills. The law office would always handle it for him. Clinton explained, “All I had to worry about was taking care of me, my wife, and making sure that life went on and the firm here helped in a big way. They made sure all of the financial/medical bills were taken care of. I didn’t have to talk to one bill collector or hospital employee.”

We treat all of our clients the way we treated Clinton. As an accident victim, it is your job to recover and it is our job to take the stress of bills and insurance calls off of your shoulders.

If you are ever in an injury accident, whether it is as severe as Clinton’s or not, we can help you receive the settlement that you deserve to pay for the pain and suffering that your injuries have caused. Call us at 800.637.8170.

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