Children’s Bunk Bed Recall; Is My Child At Risk?

The U.S. Safety Commission has recently announced a voluntary recall of some of its beds in association with American Woodcrafters. We encourage all owners of such products to check each bedroom where you believe such a bed may be in use. If you are the owner of a product that has been recalled, you should immediately stop using it and contact the appropriate representative. The products in question that are on recall are the wood twin bunk beds and loft bunk beds. They were made by American Woodcrafters.

The problem with these products is that the guard rails on the upper bunk can crack and cause the mattress and its support to collapse. This could be very dangerous for you and especially for your children. If anyone is sitting, reclined, or sleeping on the bottom bunk, the collapse of the top bunk can cause serious injuries.

If you own either of these products stop using the bed immediately and contact American Woodcrafters or their furniture dealer to arrange for the free replacement of the guard rails of the upper bunk. American Woodcrafters can be contacted through its website or through the phone.

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