Child Injured In Ohio Accident

In any Ohio child accident injury case, parents need to understand that there are important deadlines that cannot be missed. The most crucial deadline is that for filing a lawsuit, which is called the statute of limitations. If this deadline is missed, the child will be forever barred from making a claim.

The court system understands that kids, especially young ones, will have little to no control over whether they can advance a claim. In order to protect an injured child’s rights, the statute of limitations doesn’t begin to run until the child is 18. In a typical accident case, the statute of limitations is two years. So, in a typical claim involving an injury to a child, the case would have to be filed by the time the child turns 20 years old.

In a dog-bite case, the statute of limitations is six years, so the suit would need to be filed by the child’s 24th birthday.

The statute of limitations for claims involving medical malpractice or intentionally harming someone is one year from the point the child turns 18.

A claim a parent may have for loss of the child’s society lasts as long as the child’s claims. The reason for this is to promote a more efficient judicial system and to keep the claims together.

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