Check Your Pool For Drowning Hazards

Check Your Pool For Drowning Hazards

Our Toledo, Ohio child accident lawyers want to remind readers that one of the most important things parents need to do when arriving at a swimming pool is to look in the deepest part of the pool and visually observe the drain or drains of the pool. The drain and bottom must be clearly visible in the deepest part of the pool for that pool to maintain proper water clarify. Parents also should also look at the pool and observe the color of the water before letting their children swim in the pool.

When observing the water clarity of a pool, make sure to look in the deep end and not in the middle or the shallow end of the pool. If water clarity is not acceptable, parents should notify management immediately so that management can close the pool to all users. Also be sure to check the water clarity of the pool throughout the day if you plan on swimming for several hours.

A murky and cloudy pool can often create a dangerous condition, preventing parents from properly supervising and keeping an eye on their children. Children can easily go missing in seconds in water that is cloudy or murky and make it impossible for them to be seen at the bottom of the pool. If there is a situation where a rescue is needed, water clarity is essential to allow a proper rescue. These reasons are why water clarity is so important. It might sound absurd but the water clarity of the pool could make the difference between life and death when a child is drowning.

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